Compensation and Equity Calculator

This is a tool we built at The Hiring Advisors to improve the level of transparency we provide to candidates whom we end up making an offer to. Accepting a new job offer is an incredibly personal decision, and compensation is only one factor. Since startup compensation can be particularly confusing, we wanted to share a tool we built here at Front to help candidates make informed decisions.


How it works

You can input the values in the calculator below. This will help you estimate the value of your equity package based on various scenarios. Account for some dilution in future rounds of funding. Please note that this document is not a guarantee of anything, it is only a tool to help you estimate the potential value of your equity.


Salary component

Gross yearly salary in USD

Equity component

Stock options granted, vested over 4 years

Expected company valuation

The value at which the company will exit

Expected additional dilution

Share owned by future investors

Strike price

Price at which you can purchase your options

Final value of one share

Expected valuation / final # of shares

Number of fully diluted shares

Existing shares at the time of the offer

Spread of your options

Final share value minus your strike price

Package value

After 4 years
from salary $0
from equity $0
total $0


from salary $0
from equity $0
total $0

Get your startup Equity Compensation Assesment

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Last Name


Note: This is a generic version of the calculator for idea purpose and in no way reflects data specific to actual compensation.

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