A man optimistically looks for work in a promising job market during the fall.

The Job Market: A Bright Forecast for the Rest of 2023


While recession speculations have caused employers to be hesitant, the future’s looking bright. 

Confidence is increasing amongst CEOs and decision-makers, with 17% now expecting no recession at all — a 12 percentage point increase in economic confidence. Q2 also saw an increase in business spending and investments despite inflation.

Other factors expected to contribute to more job openings are The Great Resignation (those resignations need to be replaced) and remote workers opting to quit their jobs in lieu of returning to the office. 

In a tight labor market with almost historically low unemployment (at just 3.5%), job seekers are positioned to have more bargaining power. So, if you’re struggling to onboard top-tier talent, you’re not alone — especially if you’re hardly offering highly sought-after remote options. Working with a recruiting firm can help. 


Have trouble finding the right talent? The Hiring Advisors specializes in finding top-tier talent. To learn more about how we can assist with your hiring needs, book an appointment here. You can also email us at info@thehiringadvisors.com or speak to one of our recruiters at (310) 504-3049.

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